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Asphalt Drum Plant V Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

The common asphalt mix plant has two types: batch type hot mix plant an asphalt drum plant. The batch type hot mix plant produces asphalt mixture in batches with short pauses between batches. The drum type can continuously produce asphalt mixture without interruption.

Then how do they work? What are the differences between the mixtures they produce? Which road projects are they suitable for? What are the differences in prices? Let’s have a look together.

1. Working principle

Batch type hot mix plant:

The cold aggregate is poured into a suitable grading hopper according to different particle sizes, and then conveyed to a vibrating sieve by the conveyor belt. The cold aggregate with a particle size greater than 4cm is filtered out, and the other cold aggregate is sent to the drying drum by the inclined belt machine.

After drying and heating, these hot aggregates enter the hoist from the burner end. With its help, the hot aggregate reaches the vibrating screen. According to the size of the sieve hole, the hot aggregate is sieved to different hot bins.

After accurate weighing, the hot aggregates in different hot bins are transferred to the mixing tank batch by batch according to the preset ratio, the powder also falls from the screw conveyor, and the heated liquid asphalt is also sprayed out by the spray head . After mixing, a batch of finished products is produced.

Asphalt drum plant:

The drying drum of the asphalt drum plant combines drying, heating and stirring functions. The cold aggregate enters the rotating drum from the grading machine through the belt, and is dried and heated first. The asphalt sprinkler in the drum continuously sprays asphalt, and after the two are bonded, the stirring is completed with the rotation of the drum. This series of actions are continued in the drying drum.

2. Equipment structure

Batch type

Drum type

Powder silo



Screw conveyor



Asphalt metering device



Asphalt pump drive frequency conversion motor



Vibrating screen

Yes (4-5 layers)


Mixing cylinder



Dust collector

Spiral case dust collector + bag dust collector

Cyclone dust collector (capacity≤40t/h)

Water dust collector (capacity >40t/ h)

3. Asphalt concrete quality

Batch type

Drum type


40-400 t/h

20-100 t/h

Available projects

Medium and large


Available roads

Expressways, national highways and other high-grade roads

Low-grade highways in towns and other regions

  • The capacity of batch type hot mix plant is usually large, suitable for large and medium-sized projects. The quality of the finished asphalt concrete is high, suitable for paving high-grade roads such as expressways.

  • The capacity of the drum asphalt mixing plant is relatively small and can only be used for small projects. Due to the lack of accurate measurement, without adding powder and inaccurate ratio, the quality of the finished product is low, which is suitable for low-grade roads such as township highways.

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