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Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine with Small Concrete Batch Plant

Automatic concrete block making machine is a machine for producing concrete bricks. It is generally divided into two modes: mechanical and hydraulic. Concrete bricks are made of highly plastic concrete, and their shape and size can vary from mold to mold. Therefore, automatic concrete block machine is a new type of multi-purpose equipment.

Its raw materials are mine dumps, fly ash, desulfurization ash, stone waste, calcium carbide slag, phosphogypsum, etc. The waste utilization rate is more than 90%, and each line consumes nearly 100,000 tons of solid waste every year. The product quality is high (strength≥20Mpa), and the cost is low.

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The automatic concrete block production line can produce porous bricks and hollow block products of different specifications by changing the mold. The production line is also suitable for the production of other or sintered wall materials using solid waste as raw materials, such as high-volume fly ash sintered bricks, coal gangue sintered bricks, construction waste bricks, and domestic incineration waste residue production.

The automatic concrete block making machine consists of a batching mixing system, a hydraulic forming system, an electrical control system, a palletizing system, a packing system, etc. Many block machines require a large amount of concrete to produce concrete bricks, such as various hollow blocks, solid blocks and standard blocks. At this time, a small concrete batch plant is needed to supply the concrete required by the block machine.

Many customers who buy small concrete mixing plant to match the automatic concrete block machine. The small bathing plant is for producing concrete, and the hydraulic concrete blocking machine is for making bricks, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the brick making machine. There are also some customers buying the small concrete plant for temporary projects.

Haomei Machinery has rich models of automatic concrete block making machine and small concrete batching plant of 25-50 m3/h. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you want.

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