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Concrete Batching Plant Operation Manual

The wet mix concrete plant is mainly composed of five systems and other auxiliary facilities, including the concrete mixer, the weighing system, the conveying system, the batching machine and the control system. To operate a concrete batching plant, the operator must pay attention to the ratio accuracy. How to make it?

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Strengthen the quality control of raw materials

Strengthen the sense of responsibility of employees, so that they can implement the quality control of raw materials according to the specifications, and ensure that the materials put into use can meet the requirements.

Reduce the material discharge opening

According to the structural characteristics of the batching machine, two pieces of angle steel can be added. The function of this device is to reduce the discharging gate diameter. From the actual application effect, the phenomenon of exceeding the standard of aggregate has been effectively controlled.

Improve the accuracy of the control system

Haomei control system can control the error within 1%. In addition, it is necessary to match the main and auxiliary door switching mode and jog batching mode. The application of this mode can improve the synergy of the feeding of the two doors.

Strengthen maintenance

With the prolongation of use time, the stability and accuracy of related devices such as sensors will be greatly reduced. In this regard, the inspection and maintenance of the instrument must be done in daily use, and the parts should be repaired or replaced.

Add a gas-water separator

According to the structural characteristics of the air pipe, an air-water separator is arranged in it, and the water in the air is filtered out by this device, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the pipeline.

Replace the solenoid valve

Since the aggregate silo is prone to exceed the standard, it is necessary to accurately analyze the working state of the cylinder solenoid valve, and replace it with a new one if it lacks sufficient sensitivity.

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