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Concrete Pump Trailer VS Concrete Mixer With Pump

In recent years, the market demand for concrete machinery and equipment has increased, especially the trailer pumps. What are the differences between concrete pump trailer and concrete mixer with pump?

The concrete mixer with pump is install the mixer on the trailer pump for on-site mixing and pumping of concrete. The concrete raw materials (water, cement, sand and gravel) can be mixed in 15 seconds, and then pumped to 200 meters horizontally or 80 meters vertically.

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Compared with concrete pump trailer, it can not only mix the concrete, but also has the transport function. The remote control can easily mix the concrete and pump it to the upper floors. It is suitable for construction sites in rural areas, cities and towns like road construction, water conservancy and house building.

The concrete pump trailer is used for pumping concrete to far distance by installing the pump on the tug wheel. Generally, ordinary concrete can be pumped to a distance of 1000 meters. Compared with the concrete mixing pump, it can’t mix. Generally, it cooperates with concrete mixer truck to pump commercial concrete in urban construction projects.

No matter whether you choose concrete mixing pump or trailer line pump, the main oil pump is the heart of them. The quality of the oil pump directly affects the working efficiency of the overall machinery.

Since the plunger and the plunger hole are both circular parts, high precision matching can be achieved during processing. It has the advantages of high volumetric efficiency, stable operation, good flow uniformity, low noise, and high working pressure.

It is widely used in machinery with high pressure, large flow and flow that needs to be adjusted, such as excavators, concrete pump trucks and so on. be adjusted, such as excavators, concrete pump trucks and so on.

The plunger pump of Kawasaki has the advantages of high accuracy and long life, which also reduces some problems such as hydraulic oil leakage and mechanical failure caused by heat. Haomei trailer line pump and

concrete mixer with pump both choose this brand. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you want.

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