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Concrete Pump Truck


Concrete boom pump truck is a machinery that use pressure to continuous conveying the concrete, composed of pump body and conveying pipe. It divied into piston, extruded, hydraulic, diaphragm type according to it's structure.

Concrete Pump Truck Parameters

  • Boom height

    short boom: 13-28m

    long boom: 31-47m

    longer boom: 51-62m

  • Conveying capacity

    small type: 44-87m³/h

    medium type: 90-130m³/h

    large type: 150-230m³/h

  • Concrete pump truck pressure

    low pressure: 2.5-5.0 MPa

    medium pressure: 6.1-8.5MPa

    high pressure: 10-18MPa

    higher pressure: 22MPa

Advantages of Concrete Pump Truck In Haomei Company

  • Full hydraulic control technology, certain mulfunction part quickly, shorten the mulfunction check time above 50%;

  • Hydraulic pressure oil position automatic check and hot spread technolgoy;

  • Automatic check the hydraulic oil and oil temperature, protect oil pressure system on time;

  • Concrete pump truck welding seam all pass the 100% non-destructive testing;

  • Commutation time short 10%, pump conveying efficiency improve 20%;

  • Single side work technology, convenient to work in small and narrow place, effectively prevent the occurrence of tipping accidents.

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