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Different Configuration of China Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

The China twin shaft concrete mixer features homogeneous mixing quality, high mixing efficiency and reliable working performance. It can be used alone, form a simple concrete batching plant with batching machine or used as the mixing host of the engineer or commercial concrete batching plant.

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When you buy a twin shaft mixer, you need to pay attention to the different configurations. Don’t be fooled by only paying attention to the cheap price. The concrete mixer is generally composed of a mixing drum, a liner device, a mixing device, a transmission device, a hopper and a feeding system (some models), a discharge device, a mixing drum cover and a lubrication system.

According to the different capacities, the twin shaft concrete mixer has the following models: JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and 4000. The number stands for the amount of concrete that the concrete mixer can mix at a time. For example, the output of JS750 concrete mixer is 0.75 m3per time.

The discharging height has 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.7m and 4.0m. The discharging ways have manual door opening, hydraulic opening and pneumatic door opening. There are also different reducers for you to choose from: ZQ reducer, cycloid reducer, asteroid reducer and planetary mixer.

These parts are chosen according to the need of each model. At the same time, some parts like the discharging height or the way can be decided according the customers’ requirements,which will finally affect the whole twin shaft concrete mixer price.

In addition, for some common defects of the twin shaft concrete mixer such as shaft end sealing, different manufacturers have different solutions. Haomei Machinery has made many improvements to ensure its excellent mixing performance in a long term.

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