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Different Kinds of Cement Block Making Machines

A cement block making machine for sale is a machine that produces concrete bricks. The new wall materials are mainly made of blocks and cement bricks. Most of them are formed by hydraulic forming or vibration forming. Concrete bricks are made from highly plastic concrete that can vary in shape and size from mold to mold.

The working principle of the fully automatic hydraulic cement block can actually be simplified as the working principle of the hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure energy to transfer energy to achieve various pressure processing processes. The hydraulic type can produce colored pavement brick, but the mechanical type cannot. The upper part of the hydraulic concrete block machine with an oil cylinder for pressurizing. It has better molding effect.


The hydraulic brick machines mainly have two types: automatic concrete block making machine and semi-automatic concrete making machines. The semi-automatic concrete brick machine is mostly used in small and medium-sized brick factories. Investing in such equipment can achieve the effect of small investment and quick returns. If you want to run a large and medium-sized brick factory, we still recommend choosing fully automated equipment. For the selection of models, we must first decide according to our own output, and the design and planning of brick factories will also affect the selection of brick machines.

The stationary concrete brick machine is installed and fixed on a flat and hard concrete floor. The production of the machine requires a pallet. In principle, the height of the bricks that can be produced ranges from 5-23cm. Other heights of bricks need to be demonstrated by the technical department. The installation and operation area of the machine is small.

The egg laying concrete block making machine needs to carry out mobile production on a flat and hard ground, which requires a large and wide space, and does not need a pallet, but the height of the produced bricks is not less than 9cm. It is usually used to produce large size hollow bricks and solid bricks.

The interlocking concrete brick machine a high-pressure brick machine with a gantry type steel structure. It is mainly composed of two parts: the main engine and the pumping station. The pressurization method is downward movement. The maximum pressure of this machine is 250-460 tons. It can press various interlocking bricks, square bricks, slope protection bricks,and terrazzo bricks with a side length of less than 1 meter and a thickness of less than 550 mm. If you don’t know which one to choose from, we can send the block making machine price list to you.

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