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Different Types of Concrete Brick Making Machines

Concrete block making machine for sale is a kind of non-combustible brick machine. It uses slag,fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement and other main raw materials to mix and to produce concrete brick and block. There are some popular types of concrete brick machines like semi-automatic concrete brick machines and fully automatic concrete brick making machine.

The basic configuration of the automatic concrete hollow block machine production line generally includes batching machines, concrete mixers, conveyor belts, hydraulic brick machines, palletizers, etc. The batching machine can automatically complete the batching program of 3 to 6 materials such as sand, stone, and cement according to the concrete mix ratio designed by the user.

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The portable concrete block machine, also called egg laying concrete block machine, produces bricks on a specific site. The formed blocks do not move, but the mechanical equipment moves.

When this block making machine produces blocks, the site is required to be level and firm. The one-time investment of this equipment is small, but the compactness of the formed blocks is not high, and the external dimensions are difficult to guarantee. According to the transmission mode of the block making machine, it can be divided into three types: mechanical type, hydraulic type and manual type.

The interlocking brick machine not only produces different bricks, but also has a wide range of raw materials like construction waste, fly ash, coal gangue, tailings residue , steel slag and other more than 20 kinds of solid waste aggregates.

High value-added ecological brick products such as ecological permeable bricks, roadside stones, artificial stones, hydraulic bricks, and slope protection bricks can be produced by changing the mold.

As the name suggests, the blind brick machine is a brick machine equipment specially used to produce road bricks for the blind. It is mainly used for laying on urban roads, railway stations, bus stations, subway platforms, intercity railways, and sidewalks. It is a special facility for the disabled to safely guide walking without barriers.

The tactile bricks are not only breathable and water-absorbing, but also the plants under the bricks can grow after being laid, and the hardness resistance is stronger than that of traditional floor tiles. The brick body is not easy to break during the whole paving process, and the intact rate can reach more than 90%, so its price is about 20%-30% higher than traditional floor tiles. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete brick machine price.

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