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Different Types of Concrete Mixers

The concrete mixer is the key part of both stationary and mobile concrete batching plant. Although there are many types of concrete mixers on the market, most concrete batching plant manufacturers choose twin shat concrete mixer. Why?

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The concrete mixers are generally divided into rotary mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer for sale. The mixing effect of twin shaft mixer is strong. Generally, the mixture can be mixed into homogeneous concrete within 30-60 seconds of mixing time by the twin-shaft mixers, and the rotary mixer mixing time needs to be doubled or even longer.
Under the same mixing capacity, the driving power of the twin shaft mixer is larger than that of the drum mixer. The total power of the twin shaft mixer and power distribution facilities need to be increased, but the working cycle is shorter, so the unit energy consumption of concrete production doesn’t increase too much.

The twin shaft mixer is a kind of horizontal concrete mixer. Another kind is vertical shaft mixer. The power consumption of the vertical shaft type is higher than that of the horizontal shaft mixer. The suitable range of the aggregate particle size is generally 60 mm for the vertical shaft type, and 80 mm for the horizontal shaft type.

Limited by its structure, the vertical shaft mixer is not conducive to the structural design of the aggregate feeding device and the powder metering device, which makes it improper to be the mixing host of the concrete batching plant.

The driving device of the twin shaft mixer is located on the side of the tank body, and the aggregate feeding and powder metering devices can be reasonably arranged above the tank body, and the maintenance of the driving device is also more convenient. Considering all factors, the horizontal shaft mixer is more suitable for being the mixing host of the concrete mixing plant.

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