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Different Types of Construction Block Making Machines

The construction block making machine is a type of non-combustible brick machine. It makes use of slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement and other main raw materials. It is a mechanical equipment that presses building materials with high pressure through a hydraulic system.

Hydraulic automatic concrete block machine

Its working principle can actually be simplified as the working principle of a hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure energy to transfer energy to achieve various pressure processing processes. The basic parameters are the basic technical data of an automatic hydraulic brick machine, which are determined based on the process use and structural type of the hydraulic press. It reflects its working capacity and characteristics, and basically determines its outline size and total weight. In addition, the basic parameters are also the main basis for users to purchase.

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The fully automatic hydraulic brick machine is characterized by a high degree of automation. After setting the size and strength of the bricks, all products that cannot meet the requirements can be automatically returned to the raw material bin and mixed and pressed again to ensure quality to the greatest extent.

Due to its high degree of automation, the hydraulic concrete brick machine reduces the area of human work interference. In particular, safety protection devices are installed in the work area to fundamentally prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

The interlocking brick making machine can produce high value-added ecological brick products such as ecological permeable bricks, curb stones, artificial stone, hydraulic bricks, and slope protection bricks by changing the mold. The diversification of the interlocking making machine is the key to gaining recognition from users. It uses a semi-dry method to make bricks, and the entire production process does not produce any dust.

The blind brick machine is a brick machine equipment specially used to produce blind road bricks. The whole machine adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system. The body adopts super-strong steel structure and special welding technology. It uses a large number of imported raw materials and high-quality electrical and hydraulic components to ensure that the performance of the equipment is more stable and reliable during long-term high-load operation.

The mobile concrete block machine is produced on a specific site. The formed blocks do not move, but the mechanical equipment moves. It is also called an "egg laying machine". When this type of block forming machine produces blocks, the site must be flat and solid. The one-time investment of this equipment is small, but the density of the formed blocks is not high, and the outer dimensions are difficult to guarantee. According to the transmission mode of the block forming machine, it can be divided into three types: mechanical, hydraulic and manual.

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