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Dry and Wet Batch Concrete Plant

Dry batch concrete plant

It is not equipped with a concrete mixer. All aggregates are mixed by a concrete mixer truck. The working process is as follows: aggregates such as sand, gravel and cement are weighed by electronic scales or manual scales, and then the weighed aggregates are discharged into the mixer truck.

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At the same time, a certain proportion of water is discharged into the mixer truck. Before the mixer truck arrives at the construction site, the aggregate in the mixer truck should be mixed for at least 70 to 100 revolutions.

The features of the dry mix concrete plant:

  • It is very suitable for the large and sparsely populated areas.

  • There is no need for a concrete mixer, which is of low investment and high return.

  • It has high efficiency and save energy consumption such as electricity.

Wet batch concrete plant

The wet batch concrete plant can be divided into wet stationary concrete plant and mobile concrete mixing plant. The cement, aggregate, water, and admixtures and mineral admixtures that are mixed according to needs in a certain proportion, and are sold at a mixing plant after being metered and mixed.

Compared with dry mix concrete plant, the wet stationary concrete plant is of stable productivity, higher mixing quality and large capacity without being limited by the capacity of the concrete mixer truck.

In recent years, the wet batch concrete plant has become the new favorite of the construction industry due to its low cost and excellent performance. As a concrete plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has rich models for the customers to choose from.

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