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Dry Mix Concrete Plant VS Wet Batch Concrete Plant

Concrete batch plant is used to mix the aggregate, water , fly ash,etc. to produce concrete. There are two man types of the concrete batching plants: dry and wet concrete batch plants.

What Is Dry Mix Concrete Plant and Its Advantages

dry batch concrete plant.jpgDry mix concrete plant use electronic or manual meters to weigh sand, gravel, and cement. After that, they will be discharged into the chute, which will be discharged into the tank of the mixer truck.

At the same time, the weight or volume of the water is also measured and discharged into the mixer truck through the same charging chute, and all materials are mixed at least 70 to 100 revolutions during transportation to the construction site.

Its advantages: because of the special working mode, it is very suitable for the task of supplying concrete to a remote transportation site. Since the mixing process is finished in the concrete mixer truck,helping save construction time.

What Is Wet Batch Concrete Plant and Its Benefits

With limited mixing volume and poor quality of the concrete, dry mix concrete plant is being gradually replaced by wet batch concrete batch plant worldwide.stationary concrete batch plant.jpgFor wet batch batch concrete plant, all the material will be put into the concrete mixer after weighing, After mixing, the concrete is discharged into a mixer truck to transport the concrete to the construction site.

It should be noted that during transportation, the mixer or truck should be rotated at an appropriate speed to prevent the concrete from solidifying.

Its benefits: With powerful concrete mixer, it can mix the concrete more evenly and can produce different kinds of the concrete for satisfying the requirements of different construction projects. A wide range of models are suitable for medium and large construction projects like high-speed rail, dock, airport,etc.

The wet batch concrete plant has two types: stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete mix plant.

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