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How Does Concrete Pump Truck With Boom Work

There are many types of concrete pump truck with boom, but the basic components are the same. The concrete pump truck is mainly composed of six major parts: chassis, boom system, turret, pumping system, hydraulic system and electrical system, as shown in the following figure:

concrete pump truck.jpg

After the concrete is discharged into the hopper of the concrete pump truck, it is sent to the conveying pipe by the pumping system and discharged through the end hose (piece 15). The unfolding and gathering of the booms of each section are completed by the boom cylinders.

Among them, the elevation angle of the 1 # boom (piece 7) can swing within -2 ° ~ 90 °, the 2 # boom (piece 10) and the 3 # boom (piece 12) can swing 180 °, and the movement of the 4 # boom (piece 14) is the most frequent, which can swing about 255 °.

The hose at the end should be as close as possible to the pouring part when working, and at the same time, the boom can be driven by the rotary motor and the reducer to rotate around the fixed turret for 365°rotation.

structure of concret pump truck.jpg

1-pumping system; 2-legs; 3-pipe assembly; 4-fixed turret; 5-turntable; 6-No.1 boom oil cylinder; 7-No.1 boom; 8-transportation pipe;9-No.2 boom oil cylinder;10- No.2 boom;11-No.3 boom oil cylinder;12- No.3 boom; 13-No.4 boom oil cylinder;14- No.4 boom; 15-end hose.

The chassis of long boom concrete pump is mainly used to provide power when the pump truck moves and works. The fork in the transfer box is pushed by a pneumatic device, and the shift fork drives the clutch sleeve, which can switch the power of the car engine through the transfer box.

When it switches to the rear axle of the truck, the power is used to drive the pump truck, and when it switches to the hydraulic pump, the power is used to complete the delivery and distribution of concrete.

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