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How Does Hydraulic Cement Brick Making Machine Work

Automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine consists of two parts: the main body and the hydraulic system. The working principle of the fully automatic hydraulic brick machine can actually be simplified as the working principle of the hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure energy to transfer energy to achieve various pressure processing processes.

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Hydraulic concrete block making machine for sale technical parameters

The basic parameter is the basic technical data of an automatic hydraulic brick machine, which is determined according to the technological use and structure type of the hydraulic press. It reflects its working ability and characteristics, and basically determines its outline size and total weight. In addition, the basic parameters are also the main data for users to choose from.

1. Nominal pressure: refers to the maximum power that the hydraulic press can produce nominally, which reflects the main working capacity of the hydraulic press.

2. Maximum headroom distance: refers to the distance from the upper surface of the workbench to the lower surface of the movable beam when the movable beam stops at the upper limit, which reflects the size of the working space of the hydraulic press in the height direction.

3. Maximum stroke: refers to the maximum distance that the movable beam can move. It should be determined according to the maximum working stroke required in the workpiece forming process. It directly affects the length of the working cylinder, return cylinder and its plunger, and the height of the entire frame.

4. Workbench size: refers to the effective size available on the workbench, which depends on the plane size of the mold and the arrangement of the process.

5. Return force: the driving force required for the slider to return

6. Movement speed of movable beam: refers to working stroke speed, idle stroke speed and return stroke speed.

7. Allowable maximum offset distance: refers to the maximum eccentricity value allowed by the deformation resistance of the workpiece close to the nominal pressure.

Features of hydraulic concrete block machine for sale

1. It is of PLC computer intelligent control, hydraulic drive, vibration compression molding. The computer control can adjust parameters according to the needs of different products and materials.

2. The pump station adopts a fully filtered hydraulic device to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and reduce the failure rate of the press.

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