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How Far Can Concrete Line Pump Truck Reach

In recent years, the upgrading of concrete pumps has developed rapidly. From concrete pump trailer, truck-mounted pumps, to boom pumps, the functions have been gradually improved. We know that the boom pump has been vigorously promoted in various engineering constructions. However, due to the limitation of the height of the boom and the safety of the outriggers, it is restricted in some narrow construction areas, and only the concrete line pump truck can be used.

As early as 1977, Putzmeister concrete pump trailer has created a world record for pumping concrete to a height of 310 meters. In 2016, Haomei concrete line pump truck successfully pumped the concrete labeled C70 to a height of 452 meter. Which factors do influence the pumping height of a trailer concrete pump?

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There are many factors that determine the pumping distance of the concrete line pump. The first is the maximum pumping pressure of the equipment. The maximum pumping pressure directly determines the farthest pumping height and horizontal distance. The maximum pumping pressure of the concrete trailer pump mentioned above with a pumping height of 452 meter is 48Mpa.

Secondly, the properties of concrete can also affect how far it can be pumped. For the same concrete line pump for sale, concrete with low strength can be pumped farther than concrete with high strength. This is because the strength of concrete varies, which causes the fluidity of the concrete to change. The better the fluidity, the lower the required pumping pressure.

All along, major brands are constantly challenging the limit of the farthest pumping distance. The farthest known human horizontal pumping distance is more than 2000 meters, but the strength of the concrete pumped is relatively low. Therefore, how far can the concrete line pump for sale can pump? It depends on the comprehensive consideration.

The farthest concrete pumping distance directly determines how high your house can be built. As high as your house is built, our equipment can pump concrete as high as you like. In the future, with more and more super high-rise buildings, the existing pumping distance record may still be broken. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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