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How Many Types of Concrete Mixer Do You know

Concrete mixers are currently widely used construction machines worldwide, but do you know how to choose a right one for your construction project? Before answering this question, you need to know different types of concrete mixers.

JS500 twin shaft mixer.jpgAccording to operation model, it can be divided into circulating operation model and continuous operation type. The three processes of feeding, stirring and unloading in the circulating operation mode are carried out at regular intervals.

The above three processes of the continuous operation type are continuously performed in a long cylinder. Although the efficiency of the continuous concrete mixer seems to be high, its mixing quality is very low. It is not used often as before.

According to mixing ways, concrete mixer machine can be divided into self-falling concrete mixer and compulsory concrete mixer. At present, the compulsory concrete mixer is the main stream. It has three types: single shaft concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer and planetary mixer. Among these three types, twin shaft mixers and planetary concrete mixer are the commonly used ones.

JZC350 rotary mixer.jpgAccording to the flexibility, the concrete mixer can be divided into stationary concrete mixer and mobile concrete mixer. The stationary concrete mixer is installed on a pre-prepared basis and the whole machine cannot be moved. It is bulky and productive. Twin shaft concrete mixer belongs to this kind.

The mobile concrete mixer itself has running wheels, and is small in size and light in weight, so the maneuverability is good, which is often used for small and medium-sized temporary sites. Rotary mixer belongs to this kind.

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