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How to Build An ECO-friendly Hot Asphalt Plant

The environmental pollution such as smoke, dust, noise and high energy consumption generated by the hot asphalt plant during the production process has always been criticized. Asphalt batching plant with with large pollution and high energy consumption has been ordered to shut down in many countries. How to build an ECO-friendly hot mix asphalt plant for sale? There are some measures for dust prevention.


1. Site management

Site management can reduce dust emissions and improve the comfort of the plant. Sprinkle water on the roads and try to reduce the dust caused by the loader and truck in the dry weather. Negative pressure devices are provided in those places including the screening, metering, mixing and hot aggregate bin.

2. The dust removal system of the cold storage

The dust of asphalt hot mix plant is mainly produced by cold material feeding and heating. The cold aggregate feeding belt is equipped with a separate dust removal system. During production, the fan is turned on and the pulse dust collector starts working.

3. Dust removal system of the mixing tower

The mixing tower is equipped with negative pressure devices. The dust removal system adopts atmospheric back blowing dust removal and two-stage dust removal, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of dust overflow.

4. A closed management of the mixing tower

In order to control the problem of disorderly discharge of dust, the mixing tower is completely closed and treated with negative pressure. There is also a temporary overflow storage bin for the centralized treatment when the bin is full, effectively preventing the dust caused by continuous overflow.

5. Closed storage of cold materials
The cold aggregate is stored in a closed plant or silo. The fully enclosed design of the material yard prevents the dust from escaping outwards, and also prevents the aggregates from being exposed to rain to increase the moisture content of the aggregates, thus reducing the additional energy consumption caused by drying the aggregates.

It is certain that for the ECO-friendly hot mix asphalt plant, they are all equipped with advanced bag dust removal system.

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