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How to Check Quality of Batch Plant For Sale

The batch plant for sale is widely used in infrastructure projects. Many customers only know how to use it, but don’t know how to distinguish the quality of concrete mixing plant. The cement batching plant has several main parts. As long as they have no quality problems, the batch plant will not have two many quality problems.

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1. Whether the valve of the cement silo is flexible.

2. The operation of the transmission system should be flexible and free of abnormal noise.

3. The transmission of belt conveyor, hopper elevator and cantilever bucket should be stable, and its operation should be flexible, without abnormal noise and chain blockage.

4. The inspection of the weighing system is also very important. It is necessary to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the weighing system.

5. Attention should also be paid to the rising temperature of the reducer, which should reach the temperature on the qualification certificate.

6. Keep the hopper stable without material accumulation and overflow.

7. The safety valve must not leak gas.

8. The supporting installation must be reasonable and ensure that the equipment is installed correctly.

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