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How to Choose a Concrete Mixer for Mobile Concrete Plant

With the rapid development of the construction industry in recent years, the demand for concrete mixers and mobile concrete plant has increased. For a variety of types and models of concrete mixers, how to choose a proper concrete mixer for the bathing plant portable becomes a problem for many people when purchasing.

1. Production scale and annual output.

For large concrete projects and long construction periods, medium or large concrete batch plant should be your choice. If the amount of concrete works is small and the construction period is short, small and medium-sized mobile concrete plant should be selected. For matching the size of mobile concrete plant should be also small. For example, JS 1000 concrete mixer is for YHZS60 mobile concrete plant.

concrete mixer of YHZS75 mobile batch plant .jpg

2. Select the concrete mixer according to the condition of the mixed materials.

When selecting a mixer, we must first confirm the difference between the mixer materials. Some are dry powder and some are the mixture of dry powder, aggregate and powder. As long as you make sure what concrete you need, you can know which kind of concrete mixer you should choose. In fact, most people will choose twin shaft mixer for it is of wide application and high efficiency.

3. Judge the production capacity of concrete mixer according to the size of the construction site. YHZS60 mobile cement plant.jpg

4. The speed and production efficiency of the mixer. High efficiency requires the concrete mixer have fast stirring speed. In this aspect, twin shaft concrete mixer also have excellent performance.

In addition to these factors, we also need to consider the reliability and versatility of the concrete mixers. It may be a little troublesome for you to consider so much for matching a concrete mixer for mobile concrete plant, you can contact us to provide your special solution.

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