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How to Choose a Proper Concrete Pump Trailer

With the rise of modern industry, the construction method that uses concrete as the main material has occupied a large proportion in various engineering constructions. Concrete pump trailer is one of the main concrete machinery, which is used for conveying and pouring concrete in project.

HBTS40-12-82R DIESEL CONCRETE TRAILER PUMP.jpgHow to choose a proper trailer mounted concrete pump? You need to first make clear of the relationship between concrete pump power, concrete pump outlet pressure and concrete pump delivery volume.

The motor power of a concrete conveying pump is a prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and the amount of conveyance. With a certain motor power, an increase in pressure will definitely reduce the conveyance amount; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will increase the conveyance amount.

buy trailer concrete pump.jpgIn order to ensure large conveying capacity and a certain outlet pressure, trailer pump usually adopts the design of constant power. It means that if the outlet pressure increases, the conveyance amount will be less. The only way to get a large delivery volume at higher pressure is to increase the motor power.

So it is important to know what outlet pressure and conveyance amount you need, then you choose know how large power you choose. The present popular motor powers are 82 kw(diesel engine), 75 kw, 112 kw(diesel engine). The corresponding output is 40 m3/h, 50m3/h and 60m3/h.

For these three popular models of trailer pump for sale , Haomei Machinery has made a great improvement, that is, the automatic switch of high and low pressure, which meets different operation requirements.

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