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How to Choose A Ready Concrete Mix Truck for Sale

Ready concrete mix truck for sale is an imperative vehicle of construction industry has a very large market requirements. When you want to buy concrete mixer truck for sale, customers should consider a lot of factors such as cost, capacity, and maintenance.

20.jpgReady Mix Truck Prices

Price may be the primary factor for many customers to consider when buying a ready mix truck. But as the Chinese sayings” You get what you pay for” implies, no good things is as cheap as the poor ones. While paying attention to the price, you should stress the quality of the key parts such as the tire, the rear axle, the mixing truck,etc.


The capacity of ready mix concrete mixer trucks refers to that of the mixing drum.The common capacity setting is from 3 yard to 20 yard. If you buy it for your concrete batching plant, you should make choice according to the practical concrete output. If you want to buy a ready mixer truck for monthly rent, maybe the small ready mix concrete trucks are better for their prices are cheaper.

Quality of Mixing Truck

The abrasion resistance of the mixing drum decides its service life. Haomei mixing truck adopts super wear-resistant steel, which enables it work stably for over 20 years.


The chassis is provided by the chassis manufacturer. Usually, this manufacturer is different from the concrete mixer truck manufacturers. So pay attention to the brands of the chassis.

Structure of Concrete mixer truck.jpg

After-sale Service

A ready mix cement truck is a special heavy-duty vehicle, with a small amount of ownership and few sources of accessories. Compared with the general trucks, it depends more on the after-sales service of the concrete mixer truck manufacturers. Therefore, whether the manufacturers can provide convenient, fast and reliable after-sales service is an important factor that must be considered in the selection.

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