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How to Choose Hollow Block Making Machine for Sale in Kenya

There are many types of hollow brick making machines and some customers do not know how to choose when purchasing a hollow cement brick machine. The hollow brick machine equipment is also a kind of non-burning brick machine equipment. Like the non-burning brick machine equipment, its production raw materials are cement, construction waste, slag, coal gangue, river sand, stones, fly ash and other industrial wastes.

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And the hollow bricks produced by the hollow brick machine equipment also have the advantages of earthquake resistance, fire protection, heat preservation, sound insulation, etc. As long as we can conduct a good investigation of the market, purchase professional equipment, and follow certain rules when investing, we can get profit from this investment. Then how to choose?

There are inevitably large differences in the design structure, internal configuration, performance and quality of the machines among various manufacturers, which also causes corresponding misunderstandings and troubles for users in the selection of models and the screening of similar machines. Here are some common sense and some tips.

If 4 hollow blocks of 390×190×190 (mm) can be produced at one time, is called a 4-type machine in the industry; If the number of blocks is 6, it is called a 6-type machine; if it is 8, it is an 8-type machine.

In addition to the gradual increase in the output of the 4-type machine, the 6-type machine and the 8-type machine, the significant difference lies in the configuration of the main engine, the hydraulic pump station and the power distribution cabinet.

The upper pressure head of the 4-type machine usually adopts a single oil cylinder, the 6-type machine and the 8-type machine usually use a double oil cylinder. The vibration device of the Type 4 machine usually uses two left and right ordinary motors or brake motors as the vibration power. The vibration device of the Type 6 and Type 8 machines usually uses two left and right hydraulic motors as the vibration power.

Type 4 machines usually use a small flow manual joystick pump station system, and Type 6 and 8 machines usually use a large flow automatic proportional valve control system. The power distribution cabinet of type 4 machine usually adopts a simple manual joystick, and the type 6 machine and the type 8 machine usually use a computer touch screen automatic operating system to design and manufacture without defects.

There is no difference in the quality of the finished bricks produced by these three types of models. If your budget is enough, we recommend you to buy fully automatic hollow block making machine with higher efficiency and quick profit return.

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