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How to Choose HZS 120 Stationary Concrete Plant

Concrete mix plant is a complicated system, which brings certain difficulties to customers when choosing. HZS 120 stationary concrete plant is a large model. Its concrete batching plant price is not a small number. How to choose a reliable one is very important.

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The choice of aggregate feeding method

There are two kinds of feeding methods for concrete mixing plant. For large and medium-sized concrete mixing plants, they generally use belt conveying. Some simple concrete batch plant use lifting buckets.

The feeding method here is to transfer the aggregates with right proportion to a mixer in which the aggregate, cement, fly ash, and additives are evenly mixed. Of these feeding methods, belt conveying is better,which also has some effect on the efficiency of the whole plant.

The control system

1577182825369617.jpgThe control system is to the hzs120 stationary concrete plant as the brain to the human body. The control system has two kinds: semi-automatic and fully automatic. A reliable control system is helpful for the normal operation of the whole plant and data record. It is certain that a fully control system will be better for it has higher efficiency. But if you are with less budget, semi-automatic control system is also reliable.

Selection of aggregate batching machine

A complete concrete batching plant is 1 metering instrument for cumulative measurement and 2 to 4 ones for independent measurement. If the construction requirements are low, choose two kinds of aggregate metering instruments; if the project has special requirements, you must choose more for each kind of the aggregate.

The Choice of Concrete Mixer

For our hzs120 concrete plant for sale, we choose twin shaft concrete mixer. It can produce multiple kinds of concrete, which meets the requirements of various kind of the construction projects. We choose JS2000 twin shaft concrete mixer for our HZS120 stationary concrete plant. You also can have special requirements like choosing Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer.

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