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How to Choose Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump Factory

Nowaways, with the demand of the market, different kinds of concrete pumps has been devloped to meet the needs of the customers . The mobile concrete mixer with pump is one of them. How to choose a right model suitable for your projects? You need to have clear idea of your operating conditions and pay attention to the configuraton of the machins and its after-sale service.

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The purchase of mobile concrete mixer with pump factory should be considered from three aspects: brand, your own needs and performance:

1. Brand: A concrete mixer with pump of a well-known brand will have a reliable quality. A visit to its factory is a good way to have a better understanding of its production, quality and management status. You also can have a basic knowledge through the communication with its sales staff.

2. Your own need: The maximum pumping capacity, power and suitable chassis can be determined according to the construction surroundings, project size, the construction period and the frequency of transfer.

3. The equipment quality: When a customer checke the quality of the concrete mixing pump, we should look at it from the outside to the inside, from the appearance and the coating quality to the performance of the engine, gearbox, main hydraulic components, pumping system, etc.

4. Operating performance: We need to check whether the stability, flexibility and safety of each part meet the performance requirements, whether the quality of the motor is reliable, whether the fuel consumption rate of the engine is reasonable, and whether the remote control is stable and reliable.

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