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How to Choose Small Concrete Pump Truck

With the widespread infrastructure in rural areas, there is a large demand for concrete pumps, especially small concrete pump truck. It exactly meets the demand of concrete pumping in rural areas, which is safe and high efficient.

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It has its own boom, which can convey concrete without manual piping, which is of convenient operation. In addition, it is equipped with a truck chassis, which can move from one work site to another location.

Because of the different length of the boom, the small concrete pump truck price is different. It is good to use a small pumping machine between 25 meters and 42 meters for concrete construction in rural areas.

If it is too short, it will be difficult to meet the needs of rural construction; if too long, it will be a wast of cost. In some narrow rural areas, overly long booms are restricted by the size of the space. Therefore, it is necessary for rural construction to choose a suitable boom length.

There are some popular models: 42 meter, 36 meter and 37 meter concrete pump. Haomei 37 meter concrete pump is of high cost performance. If you have some special requirements, welcome to contact us directly.

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