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How to Deal with Failure of Aggregate Batching Machine

The aggregate batching machine is a part of the stationary concrete batching plant. The common choice is PLD batching machine. Through its operation, the materials are weighed, proportioned, and then transferred to the concrete mixer for mixing.


The batching machine and the mixer are matched together, and then controlled by the control system to achieve very high production efficiency. Regardless of whether it is a large-scale commercial concrete mixing plant or an engineering concrete mixing plant,they all need a PLD batching machine.

The structure of the batching machine is not complicated. If the daily maintenance is properly carried out, there will generally be no failure problems. However, the switch of the PLD batching machine is often overlooked in daily maintenance and inspection. If this happens, it is necessary to stop working in time and repair it.

The failure of the switch is usually caused by foreign objects stuck, low pressure of of the gas supply system, the deformed discharge port,etc. The solution is to firs confirm which failure it is and then take the corresponding approach.

The operator can adjust the air pressure and add lubricating oil see if it can solve the problem, and then repair the inlet and clear the foreign objects near the outlet. As a concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery can also help you in the daily maintenance.

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