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How to Deal with Pneumatic Failure of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Speaking of asphalt mixing plant, it is not unfamiliar to us. It is a set of construction equipment for the asphalt production. But some of them are not familiar with its pneumatic system. It has been proved that only by properly maintaining the various systems of the equipment can it be possible to obtain efficient production and good benefits.

There are four types of pneumatic failures that often occur in asphalt mixing plants. There is an analysis of these failures.

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1. The air source of the hot asphalt plant

In fact, there are more than one type of failures in the air source of the asphalt mixing plant, and it does not occur permanently on one component. The internal air compressor, pressure reducing valve, pipeline, compressed air processing components, etc. may have similar failure.

In the case of air compressors, there is slow pressure rise caused by the damage of check valve and piston rings or the clogged air filters. In the case of pipelines, air leakage may also occur due to joint leakage and hose rupture.

2. The fault of he reversing valve

The specific manifestations are that the direction change action is not available or relatively slow. In view of the above problems, in addition to checking the working status of the lubricator and the state of the lubricating oil, you must also pay attention to cleaning all parts to maintain good cleanliness. In addition, don't forget to replace damaged parts in time to reduce these problems.

3. The failure of the cylinder

There is leakage inside and outside the cylinder, insufficient output force and uneven movement, poor cushioning effect,etc. The cause of the problem is different. It is necessary to determine the fundamental factor and take targeted solutions.

4. The failure of pneumatic auxiliary components

In addition to the different faults mentioned above, the pneumatic system also has auxiliary devices such as oil mist, automatic drain, muffler, etc. Under the influence of adverse factors, they will also have different faults. For example, the sensitivity of the muffler is disturbed.

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