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How to Debug Hot Mix Asphalt Plant for Sale

The hot mix plant is a main equipment for road construction. The roads can greatly improve the convenience of transportation and drive economic development, therefore the road construction keeps ongoing in many countries. The demand for hot mix asphalt plant for sale also keeps increasing. After buying ,how to debug it?

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After the asphalt plant is installed, before it is put into production, a series of inspections and adjustments must be made to the rationality of the equipment assembly, operational flexibility, and operational reliability. At this stage, the various systems of the equipment must be debugged separately. Make sure it well prepared for trial production.

1. Debugging of small bucket car. Try to buy equipment with frequency conversion speed control system. In this way, it is convenient to adjust the speed of the small bucket car to: Slow start-normal speed operation-5 m deceleration- feeding port stopping, forming a stable operation. The accident rate is greatly reduced and the reliability is greatly improved.

2. Debugging of cold silos. The cold silo is a device for supplying cold aggregates. The opening of the door of each silo should be consistent with the supplied materials and production mix ratio, so as to reduce the occurrence of lack and overflow.

Whether the supply can be guaranteed will not only affect the production capacity of the equipment, but also affect the measurement accuracy of aggregates. Therefore, first adjust the opening of the hopper door according to the proportion of each specification material, and then calibrate the relationship between the belt speed and the supply capacity.

3. Debugging of drying drum. The main thing is to run smoothly. This requires that the working currents of the four independently driven motors must be consistent. If they are not consistent, it can be adjusted through the adjustment of the oil level.

4. Calibration of the metering system. Before the asphalt plant China starts to work, the metering system should be calibrated. The aggregate scale, asphalt scale and mineral powder should be calibrated separately, and the analog meter display value should be adjusted to the reading of the programmable controller.

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