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How to Disassemble Truck Mounted Concrete Batching Plant

Truck mounted concrete batching plant is generally used for specific engineering projects. When the construction is completed, the mobile concrete mixing plant should be dismantled for storage or transferred to other projects. So how to disassemble it rightly?

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1. Preparation

  • We need to start the various procedures of the mixing plant and run it before dismantling the portable batch plant. Check whether all parts of the equipment are operating normally and make records.

  • Clean up all parts of the batching machine, mixer, conveyor belt, powder silo, remove the residual materials left during use, add lubricating oil to the relevant parts, and do the anti-corrosion and moisture-proof work of the equipment.

  • Finally, have a thoroughly cleaning of the construction site including the cistern.

2. Disassembling work

  • Firstly, remove the powder silo. Due to the large size of the cement silo and and the difficulty of dismantling, it is necessary to use equipment such as cranes. For some very large cement silo such as over 200T, we sometimes need to cut it apart.

  • Dismantle the batching system equipment such as batching machine and belt conveyor. If there is an outer seal around the mixer, first remove the outer seal, then remove the equipment. For the sensors on the batching system and aggregate weighing equipment, they must be carefully removed to avoid damage.

  • Demolition of the control room. The control room can be removed as a whole. After the fixing bolts are unscrewed, the control room is relocated with a crane. For some models of small rmc plant, it just needs folding into the

  • Remove the screw conveyor and the concrete mixer. During the installation of the mixing machine, if the outriggers are welded, it is necessary to remove the welding first and then remove it with a crane. For Haomei portable concrete batch plant, its concrete mixer don’t need disassembling,either.

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