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How to Maintain Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

Diesel concrete mixer pump is a popular small construction machine in rural areas. It is widely used to mix dry and hard concrete, light concrete, mortar,etc. How to maintain it in our daily work? Haomei Machinery likes to share with you some tips:

1. Remove the dirt and other impurities from the body. Make sure thatmobile concrete mixer machine with pump.jpg the inside of the diesel mixing pump is clean.

2. Check the lubricating conditions of each parts, circuit and control equipment before daily operation.

3. The small concrete mixing pump should pay attention to the electricity leakage protection. Connect the power supply before operation and check if the the trial rotation is normal. If yes, you can start working normally.

4. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are sensitive and reliable, the wire rope is damaged, the track pulley is normal and there are any obstacles around it.

5. Before the daily operation, add only water to the mixer for rotating two seconds.

6. During the operation of portable diesel concrete mixer with pump, pay attention to whether the noise of the motor, reducer and transmission gear is normal and the temperature is too high.

7. After starting work, you must check if the operation of each component is normal. When stopping, be sure to check whether the blades of the mixer are bent and the screws are falling or loose.

8. After each operation, the concrete mixing pump must be cleaned.

Generally speaking, the portable diesel concrete mixer with pump must be further maintained after a period besides the daily maintenance such as replacing the outer brake belts. Welcome to contact Haomei Machinery for more information.

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