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How to Maintain Small Concrete Mixer Pump

The concrete mixer and pump for sale has concrete mixing and pumping in one and is welded on a frame with axles, which is pulled by a small truck or small loader to move quickly between several construction sites or between multiple construction points on the same construction site,thus greatly shortening the interval time.

It only needs 4 people and a forklift for feeding, which fully automatically mix and pump the concrete. Take C20 concrete as an example. The proportion of concrete raw materials mixed by the mixing pump is one forklift stone + one forklift sand + two packs of cement.

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Use the remote control to operate the mixing and and the drum mixer will mix a tank of material within 15 seconds, and then automatically pump the mixed concrete through a 3-meter-long, 125-mm-diameter pipeline to the foundation of the house. The whole operation is quite simple and easy, which greatly reduces labor cost. Then how to maintain this powerful concrete mixing pump?

1. Always check the oil level and oil quality of the hydraulic oil. The oil quality should be light and transparent, without emulsification or turbidity, otherwise it should be replaced.

2. Fill up the grease, empty the water tank and then load it up.

3. Check the piston of the concrete pump. The piston should be well sealed and no mortar penetrates into the water tank.

4. Check the working condition of the lubrication system. You should be able to see that the indicator rod of the progressive oil separator moves back and forth, and the lubricating oil at the lubrication points such as the bearing position of the S-tube swing arm end and the bearing position of the stirring shaft should overflow slightly.

5. Check whether the function of each electrical component is normal.

6. Check whether the reversing of the distribution valve and the forward and reverse rotation of the stirring device are working properly.

7. Check the outside of the cooler. If there is any dirt, it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will easily cause the oil temperature to overheat.

8. Check the indication of the vacuum gauge. It should be in the green area, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed 0.04. Generally, the vacuum degree of oil suction should be less than 0.02Mpa, and the vacuum value of oil return pressure should be less than 0.35Mpa.

9. Check the wear degree of the concrete pipeline by tapping, and check whether the joints of each pipeline are sealed and in good condition.

10. Check whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in the hydraulic system of the small concrete mixer pump.

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