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How to Maintain Stationary Concrete Batch Plant

The stationary concrete batch plant adopts twin shaft concrete mixer, featuring strong mixing ability, uniform mixing quality and high production efficiency. It is applicable for various mixing ratios of concrete such as dry, semi-dry, plastic concrete,etc.

It is a mainstream concrete batching plant for most projects. How to maintain it? Haomei Machinery, concrete batching plant manufacturer, offer the new operators some tips:


1. The operator should be familiar with the basic knowledge of equipment and then carefully implements the operation regulations and maintenance regulations.

2. Before using the new stationary batching plant, it must be installed and debugged by professionals to confirm that all parts of the equipment are operating normally and meet the specifications of technical performance indicators.

3. When the concrete mixing plant is no longer in use in in a low-temperature season, the water pump and admixture pump should be exhausted first.

4. The power supply, voltage and frequency must be consistent with the requirements of the electrical equipment. The fuses of the electrical system must be used in accordance with the regulations of the current size.

5. Electrical parts should be regularly inspected in accordance with general electrical safety regulations. And it should have good grounding protection. The power supply voltage should be as stable as possible.

6. The switches, knobs, indicator lights, etc. on the operation control cabinet should be regularly checked for accuracy and reliability. The operator must understand the operation procedure and the operation of each button before they can operate independently.

7. Check the liquid level of the lubricating oil tank of the concrete mixer and the air compressor crankcase.

8. Check the water accumulation of the gas-water separator in the gas circuit system. When there is too much water, open the valve to discharge. If you buy stationary concrete batching plant from Haomei Machinery, we will provide manual guide and professional technical support for you.

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