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How to Make Asphalt Hot Plant for Sale Energy-saving

The high cost performance of fuel and complete combustion are the key to save energy in the hot asphalt plant. The equipment that affects combustion mainly includes burners, drying drum and dust removal systems.

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The burner can burn coal, oil, gas or the mixture of several fuels. For coal-fired burners, attention should be paid to cleaning the slag to avoid clogging the air duct, and to replace the hammer of the pulverized coal conveyor to avoid coal powder is coarse.

Pay attention to the fuel pump pressure and air compressor pressure for the fuel burner. If the pressure is insufficient, repair the fuel pump or the air compressor in time. In addition, a better fuel filter is also very important for the fuel burner.

Drying drum

The lifting plate of the drying cylinder should form a relatively dense material curtain and have undergone sufficient heat exchange. Therefore, if the lifting plate is severely worn, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

Dust removal system

The dust removal system of the hot asphalt plant should be should be well ventilated, and the induced draft machine can still form a certain negative pressure in the drying drum when the material curtain is densely formed, thus optimizing the flame shape.

The flame shape should match well with the drying drum, that is, the outer flame of the flame directly heats the material curtain, the flame diameter is slightly smaller than the diameter of the drying drum, and the material curtain density in the mixing drum is appropriate. This requires the hot mix asphalt plant manufacturers adopt an integrated design concept when designing the combustion system.

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