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How to Operate Best Concrete Pump Trailer

Before using the small trailer concrete pump for sale, if you are not familiar with the trailer pump, you should carefully read the operating instructions and precautions, such as the remote control function between the switches, the function of each component and the electronic control system,etc.

First of all, he location of the concrete pump must be selected correctly and scientifically. It should be parked on a flat and hard ground, not on soft soil, to prevent the equipment from shaking, tilting, tilting or even collapsing during operation. If the small trailer concrete pump is placed on a location with a soft ground and a high slope, it is likely to cause a safety accident in the construction.
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Secondly, the pipes of the concrete pump must be firmly connected, and a firm fixing device must be installed at the elbow. A firm point must be set up every 10m between the horizontal pipes. The pipe clamps should be suspended in order to facilitate the removal and connection of the pipes. All pipe clamps must be tightened in time to ensure that the joints are tightly sealed and do not leak water.

Thirdly, during the construction operation process, the operator should check all the main pars of the concrete pump trailer to ensure the normal working of all the parts. The operator must improve safety awareness. In particular, they cannot put their hands on hoppers and other moving machines. Relevant construction personnel and technicians must pay close attention to the dynamics of the concrete pump trailer.

After the best concrete pump trailer completes the concrete pumping, it is indispensable to clean the pump once. The correct cleaning method can not only clean the conveying pipeline, but also transport all the concrete in the pipeline to the pouring site. If the S pipe is not cleaned frequently, it is very easy to cause the pipe blockage of the conveying pipe, which may cause damage to the machine and cause unnecessary losses.

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