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How to Operate Electric Cement Mixer Safely

The electric cement mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregates and water into concrete mixtures. In order to prevent injury accidents, when operating the concrete mixer, the operator must abide by the safe operation regulations and take safety precautions.

Before staring, check whether the clutch, brake, protective device, wire rope track, and pulley are in good condition, and ensure that the wire rope installation and drum winding of the lifting bucket are correct, and the steel rope is firm. All transmission mechanisms, working devices, brakes, etc. are fastened and reliable, and open gears, pulleys, etc. have protective covers.

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There are no foreign objects stuck in the mixing drum and the supporting transmission, movement parts, warehouse doors, bucket doors, tracks, etc. The oil level and oil quality of each lubricating oil tank shall meet the requirements.

After the electric concrete mixer for sale is started, the mixing drum should reach the normal speed before feeding. Water should be added in time when adding materials. The mixing material added each time should not exceed the rated capacity of the mixer.

The order of adding materials should be gravel-cement-sand or sand-cement-pebbles. Adding materials to the mixing drum should be carried out during operation, and adding new materials should be carried out after all the original concrete in the mixing drum is discharged. When feeding, it is strictly prohibited to put your head or hands between the hopper and the frame.

During the operation of the electric concrete mixer, don’t put hands or tools into the mixing drum to pick up or discharge. When the hopper is raised, no one can stay or pass under the hopper. The hopper should be fixed after the work is completed.

When we need to some inspection under the hopper, the hopper should be lifted and locked with an iron chain or insert pin. During operation, when there is an abnormality or the bearing temperature rises too high, the machine should be shut down for inspection.

When maintenance is required, the concrete in the mixing drum should be cleaned. When the operator needs to enter the barrel, he must fix the hopper, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box and hang a sign of “ switching is forbidden”. And a special person should be guarded outside.

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