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How to Solve the Failure of Concrete Mixer Pump Factory

Facing to some common failures of the concrete mixer pump factory, how to solve it? There are some practical tips.

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NO.1: Working speed slows down

The slower operating speed of the mobile concrete mixer with pump factory is mainly due to the drop of engine power and the internal leakage of the hydraulic system caused by the wear of the whole machine.At this time, the whole machine needs to be overhauled, and the parts that are out of wear need to repaired and replaced.

NO.2: The solenoid valve does not work

When the solenoid valve cannot be opened manually or automatically, the solenoid valve coil or pilot valve or operation button can be replaced.

NO.3: The engine speed drops

If the engine speed of the diesel concrete mixer pump drops, the power of the engine should be tested first. If the output power of the engine itself is lower than the rated power, it may be due to poor fuel quality, low fuel pressure, and faults in the brake and its control lever. If the output power of the engine is normal, it is necessary to check whether the flow rate of the hydraulic pump does not match the output power of the engine.

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