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Operation Manual--How To Right Operate Concrete Batching Plant


In concrete batching plant machine operating process, right work concrete batching plant according to the rules can guarantee the worker's safe and prolong concrete machinery using life and reduce the cost. Here are the right methods to operate concrete batching plant machine.

Concrete Mixing Plant Operating

  • Using legal sand, stone aggregate, do not use if the particle size exceeds the permitted range;

  • During the operation, personnel are strictly forbidden to enter the storage area and under the lifting bucket;

  • Before starting the stirring cylinder, the hatch cover should be covered in advance. In the process of mechanical operation, it is strictly forbidden to probe into the hopper or stirring cylinder with hands and feet;

  • When the pull shovel is stuck by an obstacle, it shall not be forced to lift or lift the heavy object. In the process of pulling, it shall not be rotated;

  • When the mixer is fully loaded, it shall not stop the machine. In case of failure or power failure, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, the switch box shall be locked, the concrete in the mixing drum shall be cleaned, and the fault shall be eliminated or the power shall be restored;

  • Mixing station should not overload operation of the machinery, should check the motor running, when found running sound abnormal or high temperature rise, should immediately stop check; When the voltage is too low, it shall not be forced to run;

  • Before the machine stops, the mixer should be unloaded first, and then turn off the switches and pipelines in sequence. The cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out completely, and no material should be left in the pipe;

  • After the operation, the mixing cylinder, discharging door and discharging hopper should be cleaned, and the additional agent and its supply system should be washed with water. The tool base and blade of the weighing system should be cleaned and the weighing accuracy should be ensured;

  • In freezing season, drain the water pump, additive pump, water tank and storage water in the additive tank, and start the water pump and additive to run for 1-2 minutes;

  • Water cement ratio must be strictly controlled every time put into production, must check aggregate moisture before discharging, must not transport moisture exceeding the limit of concrete, otherwise extremely easy to cause block.

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