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R-type Concrete Pump Truck V Z-type Long Boom Concrete Pump

Since the long boom concrete pump can pump the concrete to a certain height without pipe laying and high motility, it is more and more popular. Due to the difference in construction height, pumping power, etc. in various construction sites, there are a variety of boom pump trucks with different boom lengths and powers.

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Depending on the rotation direction and order of the booms, it can be folded in a variety of forms, such as R type, M type (or Z type), and integrated type. Each folding method has its own unique features. The R-type concrete pump truck has a compact structure; the Z-type is quick in opening and folding.

The integrated type combines the advantages of the first two and is gradually widely adopted. Due to the lower opening height of the Z-type folding boom, and the compact structure of the R-type, they exit in different models.

Because the boom is loaded on the chassis, the boom is folded on the chassis. The entire body can not exceed 4 meters from the ground to the highest point, so in the design of the concrete pump truck within 28 m, there are four sections with M-Type. For the concrete pump long boom over 28 meters, there are five sections with R-type.

When you buy a concrete pump truck, you should mainly choose a boom pump truck of different lengths according to the characteristics of your construction site. At the same time, due to different boom length, the requirements for the process are different, the power for pumping is different, and the required chassis is also different. In this aspect, Haomei Machinery, concrete pump truck manufacturer, can give you the most professional tips.

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