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Ready Mix Concrete Pump Price in Nepal

With the rise of the construction industry, there are more and more concrete projects. Any project with concrete pouring must use a concrete pump and the pump pipe is an essential delivery accessory. The commonly used concrete pumps in Nepal includes concrete pump trailer, concrete boom pump and truck-mounted concre pump.

The pipelines for the concrete line pump, truck mounted concrete pump and concrete boom pump are all called concrete delivery pump pipes. The pipe parameters are also determined according to the pump truck parameters. In addition, each brand has its own piping parameters and selection. How to choose the right concrete pump pipe?

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The pipes for the pump trailer and truck-mounted concrete pump are sually used in high-rise or long-term conveying concrete pouring projects, because they transport the concrete upward from the ground.

The pipelines for concrete line pump are required to withstand pressure, and the pipe is evenly distributed. The conventional length is 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter, 0.5 meters or even shorter as the regulating pipe. The models are from DN80 to DN150.

According to engineering requirements, DN125 pipelines are the most widely used. It is suitabel for high pressure or low pressure pumping. The material is mostly 20# steel. The steel pipe of 20# steel has toughness and is not easy to burst. When it is horizontal conveying and the distance is not very far, the straight seam tube can be used, which is of low cost.

From a safety point of view, it is determined by factors such as the distance, height, volume, and medium of transportation. For example,for the construction of an ordinary house, 50 meter pipes are enough. If you choose 125*4.5 or 125*5, the pressure can be achieved. The concrete labels should be C20-30.

When it comes to building bridges, bridge piers, and large buildings, these ordinary pump pipes are not enough, because the concrete used in these projects should be marked at about C50, the concrete slump is low, and the aggregate in the concrete is also very large. Ordinary pump pipelines cannot withstand pressure and friction.

Concrete pump pipes are the main parts of pumping machinery. Many inexperienced users do not know how to pipe after purchasing concrete pumps. Haomei Machinery is a professional ready mix concrete pump manufactuerer. We have enough spare parts in stock for our pumps. Welcome to leave message to inquire concrete pump price in nepal.

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