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Single Shaft Concrete Mixer VS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

During the operation of the concrete mixer, there are single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. What are their differences? Lets have a look together.

Double-shaft concrete mixer: During the mixing process, it can mix not only in the radial direction, but also in the axial direction. It can also make full use of the mixing space. It can uniformly mix the aggregate, cement and water in a short time.

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Single shaft concrete mixer: The concrete is raised to a certain height through the rotation of the blades, and then falls freely to complete a mixing process. In the production process, compared with the double-shaft mixer, the efficiency is lower.

Differences between single-shaft and double-shaft mixers

1. Different production effect: If it is to produce common concrete, the difference between single-shaft and double-shaft is not big, but if the production of concrete products with higher requirements, the mixing effect of the double-shaft mixer is better.

2. Different the transmission system of the single-shaft concrete mixer is a chain structure, while the system of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is a sliding gear and a V-belt structure. Such a structure does not make too much noise during the rotation and the sliding gear structure has a protective function.

3. Different discharging ways: The discharge of the dual-shaft mixer is relatively clean and flexible, while the size of the unloading of the single-shaft mixer is relatively rigid. In the actual operation process, it is difficult to adjust, and the discharge door is easy to be blocked.

Main Models

The twin shaft concrete mixer is generally composed of a mixing drum, a liner device, a mixing device, a transmission device, a hopper and a feeding system (some models), a discharging device, a mixing drum cover and a lubrication system. The main models are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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