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Six Purchasing Tips for Long Boom Concrete Pump

Because of quick movement and convenient use, the long boom concrete pump is very popular among the users. So how to buy a concrete boom pump? There are six purchasing tips for you.

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1. Building type. The type and structure of the building, site conditions and surrounding environment are all prerequisites for deciding the model of concrete pump long boom.

In addition, the amount of concrete pouring should also be considered when selecting the model, so as to ensure that the main performance parameters of the selected pump truck are consistent with the construction conditions or slightly larger.

If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is low; if it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the construction requirements but also accelerate the loss of the pump truck.

2. Construction adaptability. Generally, the higher the boom height of the boom pump truck, the larger the pouring height and the distribution radius, and the stronger the adaptability of the construction. At present, the popular models of the truck mounted concrete boom pump arewith a boom length of 28-36 meters. 37 meter concrete pump is the most popular model.

3. Concrete pump truck performance. To ensure the performance of the concrete pump truck, the customer should have a high standard for its configuration especially the key part such as booms and hydraulic parts.

4. Power system. The pump truck generally adopts full hydraulic technology when it is manufactured. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced when purchasing. It is mainly focuses on the engine.

5. Operating system. The operation control system of the pump truck is generally provided with manual, wired and wireless control methods. Generally, wired control is more convenient and flexible. Wireless remote control can be operated from a long distance. Once a circuit failure occurs, it can be handled by manual operation.

6. After-sale service. As a concrete pump truck manufacturer, Haomei Machinery provides 7*24 after-sale service and has enough spare parts in stock. Even if an accident occurs, it will not affect the construction progress.

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