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Small Trailer Concrete Pump V Long Boom Concrete Pump

There are two main concrete pumping equipment: trailer concrete pump and long boom concrete pump. Trailer concrete pump is also called line pump while long boom concrete pump also has another name: concrete pump truck.

As two main kinds of concrete pumping equipment, what are their advantages and application? Haomei Machinery like to make an introduction for you.

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1. Trailer Concrete Pump

The small trailer concrete pump is a special machine for conveying concrete for on-site concrete pouring. It is equipped with special pipelines, which can convey the concrete to the pouring site along the pipeline.

The parameters of the main oil pump determine the speed and height of the pumped concrete, and the horizontal distance is determined by the length of the pipe lines. It is very suitable for on-site concrete pouring in one place. The quick pouring ensure the concrete uniformity and compactness. It is an economic choice, if you like to buy trailer concrete pump, you can leave message directly below.

2. Long Boom Concrete Pump

The small concrete pump and the arms are all installed on the chassis of the truck, which forms the long boom concrete pump. The parameters of the main oil pump and the length of the booms determine the speed of pumping concrete, the height of conveyance and the horizontal distance.

Due to the flexibility of the concrete pump truck and the booms, it is suitable for pumping concrete horizontally and vertically, even pouring across obstacles. It is especially popular for the high-rise building and bridge construction.

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