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Stationary RMC Plant VS Mobile Concrete Plant

There are two types of concrete mixing plants: stationary RMC plant and mobile concrete plant. What is the difference between them? Each has its own advantages and application scope. The stationary rmc plant is for large amount of concrete production while the mobile concrete plant is for those projects with frequent transfer.

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What is a stationary RMC plant?

It is often used as the commercial concrete batching plant. The main profit method is to sell commercial concrete. It has the following features:

  • Compared with the mobile one of the same capacity, the size of a stationary concrete plant will be larger.

  • It is located in one place for a long time and for the stable and large-scale concrete production.

  • It usually has more space for maintenance near the mixing device or weighing hopper.

  • The deeper and large foundation will be needed. As the weight of the parts is greater, the foundation will be deeper.

  • Transportation costs will be higher because of the larger size of the components.

What is mobile concrete plant

The mobile concrete plant has smaller components. These components are compactly installed and the equipment takes up less space.

  • The installation time is almost 50% less than that of stationary RMC plant. The shorter installation time makes it an ideal choice for frequent transfers to other construction sites.

  • It has lower installation cost. It only needs a solid surface and minimal foundation to start. Compared with stationary batching plants, this is one of its real advantage.

  • Mobile concrete plant has smaller and fewer components, so they are easy to transport. Transportation costs are also lower.

  • Compared with stationary concrete plants, mobile concrete plant has less investment.

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