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The Advantages of Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

The automatic concrete block machine is a frequently-used new construction equipment. Its raw material is slag, fly ash, stone, sand, etc. After scientific proportioning and water mixing, different kinds of concrete bricks can be produced by high pressure pressing of concrete brick machine.

It is a professional non-burning brick machine built on the basis of hydraulic concrete block making machine, realizing intelligent control by relying on the hydraulic power and simple touch screen operation. It is better than the general hydraulic brick machine in the output speed and brick quality.

With the development of technology and improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the traditional red clay bricks will be eliminated. Because of the wide selection of materials and superior brick quality, the concrete paver block machine will surely become the main force in the field of wall materials in the future. Let’s have a look of its advantages:


1. Cement brick making machine can produce bricks with different strengths, meeting the strength requirements of different construction projects.

2. It can reuse waste concrete brick, which improves the comprehensive utilization rate of resources.

3. The fully automatic concrete block making machine is of low pressing noise, low power consumption and 40% power saving.

4. It has good exhaust performance and can continuously produce hollow bricks for a long time.

5. The fully automatic concrete brick machine can accurately ensure the size of the brick, so that the product can reach the first-class brick standard. It is also equipped with a built-in pressure sensor, which can accurately measure the strength of the brick.

6. Haomei fully automatic concrete block making machine adopts high-precision inlet components and hydraulic parts of the German Siemens company. It features fast speed, high output and complete functions. It can produce many types and specifications of hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks, road paving bricks,etc.

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