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The Chassis Structure of Concrete Boom Pump for Sale

The chassis structure of concrete boom pump for sale is mainly composed of a reverse base and outriggers. The reverse base is as a joint of the upper body with the chassis, bearing the work load and vibration brought by the pumping. The outriggers is to ensure the concrete truck’s safety and stability at work.

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Unlike the crane, the small concrete pump truck is without balance weight, therefore when the horizontal extension of the boom pump truck is large, a great overturning moment will occur. These overturning moments mainly depend on the counter-force of the outriggers to balance.

Therefore, the outriggers needs to have reasonable structure, a certain extension area and enough strength and fatigue resistance.

The extension methods of the outriggers have: forward and backward swinging legs, forward and backward elastic legs, and front elastic rear swinging legs.

For the first extension method, the opening of the outrigger is completed by swinging around the hinge point of the reverse base. This structure is stable and simple, but it is necessary to leave enough space on both sides of the boom pump.

The front and rear elastic legs are also called XH legs, which means that the legs are horizontally expanded and retracted in the box-shaped structure of the inverted base. This extension method has high requirements for the chassis, which is not commonly seen in the concrete pump trucks over 37 meter.

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