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The Concrete and Stationary Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

When the concrete quality is not qualified, the stationary batching plant has been always blamed. In fact, there are many reasons that affect the final strength of concrete, such as the mix ratio of concrete, the quality of raw materials, concrete pouring and curing techniques, etc.

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1. The quality of raw materials is unstable.

Relatively speaking, the quality of cement is the most stable for the the production process of cement has always been an industrial process, and the probability of error is relatively small. The quality of sand and stones will fluctuate even more.

For example, in river sand, the mud content will fluctuate to a certain extent. With the increase of the mud content, the water reducing effect of the admixture weakens, the final water consumption increases, the water-binder ratio increases, and the concrete strength decreases.

2. Equipment problems in the production process.

With long-term use, the equipment problems are inevitable. If the problem is not found in time, it may cause concrete with quality problems to flow into the construction site. The most likely problem of the stationary concrete plant is the weighing system.

It determines the quantity of various raw materials used in the mixing ratio during the production process. If there is a deviation in the weighing system, some raw materials will be added or reduced, and eventually the concrete produced cannot meet the designed strength requirements.

3. Uncontrollable transportation

The concrete is transported within the specified time.When the distance between the construction site and the concrete mixing plant is too far, the transportation time will increase.

At the same time, road traffic jams, pumping machinery failures and other reasons will also increase the residence time of concrete in the concrete mixer truck, which will eventually cause the concrete to miss the optimal pouring time, and its strength will naturally not be guaranteed.

4. The construction and maintenance process is not up to standard.

In many cases, due to improper construction and maintenance processes, the strength of concrete is not up to standard. For example, in the pouring process, in order to make the concrete more fluid, workers can add water to the concrete at will.

As a stationary concrete plant manufacture, what we can help you is to offer a reliable stationary concrete batching plant for sale with independent weighing system, which ensure the accurate concrete mixing ratio.

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