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The Environmental Requirements of Hot Mix Plant in Different Countries

The asphalt hot mix plant is a main equipment for road construction. At the same time, its pollution has always attracted people’s attention. Facing to this problem, what are the environmental protection requirements of hot mix asphalt in different countries?

In America, gas emissions from hot asphalt plants must be licensed. Permits are issued based on estimated annual pollutant emission rates, and emissions from most hot mix asphalt plant are significantly lower than federal gas emission limits. Even so, some states still require emission models to determine their impact on the site; some states enforce regulations that limit emissions from asphalt mixing plants.


In Canada, there are about 520 asphalt batching plants, which are mainly monitored by the National Environmental Protection Foundation for environmental protection and pollutant emissions. It has got some important conclusions: the pollutants produced by hot asphalt mixtures account 2.2%, 1.6%, 0.5% respectively for the entire Canadian industrial PM. , PM10 and PM2.5.

Compared with 2000, the use of effective control technology and dust management regulations may reduce suspended particulate emissions by 81%.

In UK, in order to determine whether it is appropriate to use the EPA emission factor, the estimated and measured values of asphalt smoke from two different mixing plants were compared, and the distribution model was used to analyze the effect of benzopyrene on the surrounding air at each location. In general, the emissions from these asphalt plants have a low impact on the environment.

In China, there are multiple regulations for the control of noise, dust and gas pollution of asphalt hot mix plant. The “Occupational Exposure Limits for Hazardous Factors in the Workplace” (GBZ2.1-2007) issued by the Ministry of Health clearly stipulates that the maximum allowable concentration of dust in the air of the workplace should not exceed 8 mg.m3.

From the regulations and measures in such countries, building an ECO-friendly hot mix asphalt plant for sale is very necessary for the long-term development, otherwise, it may be asked to shut down because of strict environmental protection requirements in the future.

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