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The Features of YHZS25 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Small concrete batch plant is to integrate the mixing system, batching system, conveying system, unloading system and other parts on a towing unit, so as to achieve flexible movement and easy transfer. It is mainly suitable for roads, bridges and other projects with a relatively short construction period or needing frequent transfer.


YHZS 25 mobile concrete batching plant is a popular small portable concrete plant. Under the premise of satisfying the output and quality of concrete, it has the characteristics of flexible movement, rapid disassembly, small footprint, simple storage management, high degree of automation, and close proximity to the construction site.

The control system plays a very important role in a whole set of equipment and is the link to coordinate the operation of each part of the equipment. At present, the electrical control system of most YHZS 25 concrete batching plant is composed of industrial control computer, operation console and PLC-based on-site control station. It can automatically weigh, feed, mix and output according to the preset raw material formula.

In addition, the concrete mixing plant generally needs to be set with automatic and manual control methods. The manual working method is mainly used during system maintenance or software debugging, and the automatic working method is generally used in the normal production process.

As a mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75 concrete batching plant in addition to YHZS25 small portable concrete plant. The customers can choose a suitable mobile mixing plant according to their needs.

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