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The Manufacturing Level of Long Boom Concrete Pump in China

The reason why the long boom concrete pump is popular in so many construction projects lies in its special pumping concrete construction technology. Because of fast operation speed, low labor intensity and high production efficiency, it is widely used in large-scale concrete construction sites.

Boom technology is a key technology of truck mounted concrete boom pump. Since 2003, China has stepped into the international advanced level in the field of pump truck and boom research and development.


With the development of the commercial concrete industry, the specifications of concrete pump truck are more comprehensive. The boom of the pump trucks is developing in a longer length from the 37 meter to 45 meter. 47- 56 meters are also favored by the market.

With the acceleration of the project progress, the pumping displacement also improves. In the past, the displacement was 60 to 80 cubic meters per hour, accounting for about 60%, and now the displacement requirement is 80 to 120 cubic meters per hour.

At present, users have increasingly higher requirements for the mobility of concrete pump machines. The market for concrete boom pump grow rapidly. Diesel engine power is more often used.

The hydraulic system is developing in an integrated direction. The open system and constant power control are generally used, especially the large flow pump. he open system has many advantages such as low oil temperature, high reliability, and easy maintenance. At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in full hydraulic control technology and computer control technology.

It is also a major trend to improve the energy saving and environmental protection performance of truck mounted concrete boom pump. Air cooling gradually replaces water cooling, and the emission standards of engines have been improved, most of which have reached Euro II or Euro III standards.

In addition to the considerable development of equipment design and manufacturing, the use and maintenance level of equipment have also been correspondingly improved. At the same time, concrete pump truck cost in China is very competitive.

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