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The Market of Concrete Pump Long Pump in China

At present, the focus of domestic concrete pump long boom is the technical level such as the boom manufacturing technology. It is followed by the competition in the reliability, maintainability, and operating costs. The last is the competition of services. The perfect service network and service capabilities have become an important reference factor for users to choose equipment.


The concrete boom pump truck develops in the direction of more complete specifications, higher grades, and longer booms. The boom has gradually changed from 37m as the mainstream to 45 meter and 42 meter concrete pump, and it has developed in the direction of 47-56 meter. It is also a major trend to own better energy saving and environmental protection performance.

The water cooling of the engine is gradually replaced by air cooling. Most emission standards have reached Euro II or Euro III standards. Self-detection, self-protection, self-adjustment and multi-sensor technology, constant power control technology and GPS positioning technology will also become the mainstream of development.

At present, large-scale concrete pumping projects mostly use long boom concrete pump with a boom length over 37 meter while some small municipal projects and construction projects often do not require long booms. The small concrete pump truck has all the functions of the long boom concrete pump truck but abandons the shortcomings of the long boom concrete pump truck such as high cost and high requirements for space.

It has the advantages of flexible movement, simple control and high working efficiency than trailer line pump, which has become a new direction for the development of the pump truck industry. In addition, the small concrete pump truck is also very suitable for private investment due to its low price and low operating cost.

The technical performance of the domestic concrete pump truck can basically meet the current pumping requirements. Besides, it has high cost performance and reliable after-sale service. Under the same condition, choosing truck mounted concrete boom pump will be a wise choice.

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